Motivation… or lack thereof…

Sometimes even I need help with it. I bet you didn’t think so, did you? Yes, it’s true! Let’s take today for instance. It’s dreary & raining outside, which is tough even for a normal person I think (been a long time since I’d consider myself Β “normal” so I’m only guessing) πŸ˜‰ For me though, rain flares up my rheumatoid arthritis, making all my joints ache & scream. The very LAST thing I want to do on a rainy day is get out of a warm bed. Add to that today is Day 1 of my competition “diet” (I hate that word, gotta come up with something else to call it. It’s really just eating clean. No sugar, no salt, no dairy, no breads, yadda yadda yadda… can’t give you guys the full details otherwise how will I ever make a living?) πŸ˜‰ So anyway, yeah today is Day 1 & I’m detoxing already off the refined sugars & other bad stuff. It’s making me more hungry than I should be for someone who is eating every 2.5-3 hrs. I want a snack. Something like pita bread & hummus, not necessarily something totally bad for me but something I just can’t have. And so I wait patiently for my next scheduled meal. And after that I will hit the gym and be glad that I did. After that I’ll jump into the tanning salon bed (yes yes, “bad” for me but you know what? It’s my ONLY vice anymore & we all have to die of something, right? Haha!) and that will also feel good in my bones. And tonight I will struggle to not eat a sugary dessert & instead will have a yam, some hot tea and/or my “approved late night snack” (again, being vague… sorry, some details you must pay to learn!) πŸ˜€ And tomorrow will begin another week of hardcore training, blogging, doc appts. (have my cardio stress test scheduled, looking forward to that finally coming around!) meals & so on. And in a few days when my body is clear of all the junk I’ve put into it during my last “cheat” week, I will feel alive & renewed again. You should try it… I have a feeling you’d like it πŸ™‚Β 

About lydvicious

Welcome to my health & fitness blog! For most of my life I was a gawky little thing. Dorky even, you could say. Until about 5 years ago I weighed all of 92 lbs. & was as I call it, "skinny fat". Out of shape & unhealthy, I couldn't put on weight for anything. In '04 I became sick with a mysterious illness that caused me to be in & out of the hospital & when I *could* walk, I used a cane & had a handicap placard, though I looked "fine" on the outside. In early 07' I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in addition to the rheumatoid arthritis I'd had for a few years (also known as "lupus overlap). After 2 years of feeling sorry for myself & being close to death, I decided I wasn't going to allow that to happen & I was going to live whatever life I had left to the fullest! This is my story. Thank you for reading!
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3 Responses to Motivation… or lack thereof…

  1. CraftyCoriC says:

    How about “Competition Menu” ? I love you Lyd, SO freaking proud. ❀

  2. Kimberly Streich says:

    Fantastic job Lydia!! I can’t wait to follow you on your journey! It will surely be a very successful and inspiring one!!

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